Of course – the selection of restaurants in the Icelandic countryside is limited – but a few really good places you can find only within 15 minutes drive from the Guesthouse Denami.

So if you get tired of our cooking, here is some great places nearby – try it you might like it !


Gas station, minimarket and fast food, such as hamburgers and fries – you find it all in the same place, in our own little village Árnes, only 2 kilometer drive or walk.


This is the real thing, a pizza trailer in the country side, a few days every month you can buy pizza in one of the villages around us – many Icelanders think this is the best pizza in Iceland!



Tomato soup for lunch, dining among the tomato plants in the greenhouse, open between 12-16 every day in the summer.


Pizza, pasta or lobster, a lot to choose from in Reykholt


Ethiopian Restaurant in Fludir