The farm

Vestra-Geldingaholt is located in Árnes in south Iceland, near to the beautiful highlands and with a magnificent nature…

We bought and moved to the farm in the end of 2013 and except working with the horses and farm we also started the Guesthouse Denami on the farm.

Here we have around 80 horses, 20 sheeps, a lot of rabbits and our cat Sigge. And also about 350 hectare of fields and land.
The horses goes in big herds together in great and hilly pastures.Many good competition and breeding horses is coming from Vestra-Geldingaholt. For example Hrafnfaxi frá Vestra-Geldingaholti and his father Nökkvi frá Vestra-Geldingaholti
And the farm was also the first riding school in Iceland, founded by Rosemarie Thorleifsdottir.